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Font size by percent issue

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I have seen some users posts in my forums with font bbcode like this
--- Code: ---[size=75%]text[/size]
--- End code ---
but I don't have any mod that does that in percents, I asked some people that done this in their posts and they have no idea why.

the only mod i have modifying posts are

Enhanced Dropdown
WYSIWYG Quick Reply

and ideas why is this happening ?

You can use percentages for font size in SMF, its not a mod, its standard functionality.

well the problem is that the bbcode is not being processed, you can see the code as part of the text in the final post.

Sorry, that was was incorrect. I saw point and not percentage. Percentage wont work, only pt will, for example .

The SMF size tag will accept 1-99 pt, 1-99 px, 0.1-9.99 em, small[er], large[r], x[x]-small, x[x]-large, medium, or HTML-style font size number 1 through 7.

CSS permits % as a font-size value, so the parse_bbc() code for the size tag could be extended:

--- Code: --- 'test' => '([1-9][\d]?p[xt]|small(?:er)?|large[r]?|x[x]?-(?:small|large)|medium|(0\.[1-9]|[1-9](\.[\d][\d]?)?)?em)\]',
--- End code ---

--- Code: --- 'test' => '([1-9][\d]?p[xt]|small(?:er)?|large[r]?|x[x]?-(?:small|large)|medium|(0\.[1-9]|[1-9](\.[\d][\d]?)?)?em)\]|[1-9][\d]{0,2}%',
--- End code ---

That might work out... possibly the % needs to be escaped \% .


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