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Is it any possible to get a mini image as your username in the shoutbox?

[31|Jul 02:54 PM]: Test
[31|Jul 02:54 PM]: Test

not without massive coding changes throughout SMF....

How about regular name effects using the global header and footer mod,is there anyway i can get that into the shoutbox instead of just the posts and all that?

as we stated in your other thread in which you asked the same thing....   the system is not designed to use an image for a username. As a matter of fact, usernames should be plain text any effects should be applied on the display side, not the input/name side of things.


--- Quote from: Nibogo on May 23, 2012, 10:24:41 PM ---Could someone summarize the issues in this mod? Here's one, but I may have sometime for it in the next weeks but I'm really too lazy to read everything.

--- End quote ---

Didn't get notification about reply... :|

There are few harcoded text strings that should be moved to language file (for example moderation center - Shoutbox.template.php lines 618-623)


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