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Yup. Switching themes based on sniffing mobile browsers would be the way to do it. Dragoon's mobile mod does that. Better to also change the markup as relying just on css changes isn't really the best option. In fact TBH, on SMF you can't really do a good smartphone theme without Sources edits.

I am hoping we'll see a smartphone-friendly theme in future versions of SMF. Dragooon's mobile theme is a great start in my opinion, but it's something we definitely need to focus on for 2.1 in my opinion.

Angelina Belle:
SMF 2.1.  Is that another fork of SMF 2.0? :)

Nope. That's the version that comes after 2.0


--- Quote from: 青山 素子 on August 16, 2011, 07:01:47 PM ---I personally would prefer a mobile-optimized version of the theme, even if done with CSS only as opposed to special tricks to make the theme fit both worlds. With the later, you get a mediocre theme on both sides instead of something that takes advantage of the uniqueness of each platform.

--- End quote ---
Agreed. The benefits of a separate template is many - and its not necessary to provide for every theme, the default one could rely partly on the normal styles. Although a smart.css would be preferable still, as the index.css is so darn big.

In my bwTheme project I went with a smart.css + index.css, as smart.css contains the unique styles for smartphones. Index.css is only 1/5th of default theme index.css too so it isn't so big a hit. The smart template use primary index.css with its normal styles, like titlebg etc, and any smart styles from smart.css. IMHO thats a good way to go, since themes can then actually change the smart template too, with css only, but never needing to touch the HTML.

Really, smartphones are one thing, but IPads/tablet device are middle-ground between phones/pcs. Ideally they should have a separate template too. In SMF there are just too many templates for all sections IMO, so the aspect of making 3(4 with WAP2) versions of every one is a daunting task. The template system needs to distinguish more between frontend and backend templates, and provide some common interface functions, so you don't repeat identical template parts so much. THEN its trivial to provide 3 or 4 versions, which of course for smart/wap2 would be much simpler coded as well.

This is a direction I like to explore..though I am not sure I want to jump on the "forking train" thats going around atm lol, to make it happen. :)


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