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My Forum is broken !!!!

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can you help me pleaseee :(!!!!

OK, the two should be compatible with each other. When you tried to install Simple Portal, did it give any warnings that it could not do the entire installation (and would require some manual operations)? Any other error messages or warnings given? The White Screen of Death certainly makes it sound like you have a PHP syntax error resulting from a bad mod installation. Have you found any error logs that say what is happening (in the way of errors) when you try running the forum? Do they say that anything went wrong during the Simple Portal install itself?

--- Quote ---and is not smf
--- End quote ---
Presumably the forum in is SMF 2.0.2.

I continued, I wrote something red.
but also gave the error was in the chatbox and  I continued

Please No cure yet?
if I could come in to the admin panel I would have improved the error


--- Quote from: MrPhil on May 12, 2012, 04:27:21 PM ---Presumably the forum in is SMF 2.0.2.
--- End quote --- suggests that it IS v2. Which one, though, is anyone's guess.

We need to get this translated, somehow, I believe...

yes is smf 2.0.2
but  is not smf


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