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TinyPortal - v1.0 - update Apr. 1, 2012

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Update April 1, 2012
The TinyPortal team is pleased to announce the release of TinyPortal 1.0. This is the final stable release of TP1.0. There have been many bug fixes since our last RC4 release.

Download also at:;dl=item96

Link to Mod
TinyPortal is a portal mod that adds frontpage, articles, panels/blocks, download manager and a shoutbox to your SMF forum. It will work on both SMF 1.1.x and SMF 2.0.

- Write articles in HTML, BBC(forum syntax), PHP or simply import a external files.
- Make categories and set access for membergroups on these.
- Able for users to submit articles for review before published.
- Several layouts for how to show articles in listings.
- Choose many built-in blocks or add custom "block-codes" contributed by users.
- Use a download manager with access groups, categories and rating capabilities.
- use the special blocktype "Shoutbox" for a mini-chat for users.

To Install:
Upload through package manager and let it install automatically. It will currently work on both SMF 1.1.x and SMF 2.0.

Change Log:

* BBC blocks now save properly when using wysiwyg editor.
* Updated shoutbox to not strip HTML, but to store HTML as entities instead.
* Fixed downloads categories to not save if no title present.
* Fixed downloads bbc editor to display properly in admin.
* Changed overflow of editor textarea to not bleed off the page.
* Shout smileys hold state if expanded or upshrinked.
* Removed edit link and added permission check for articles that were locked for user edit.
* Small Misc. code cleanup.
* TinyPortal now licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0

v1.0 RC4:

* Moved all permissions to SMF member group permissions (via hook).
* Block display options for modules and downloads fixed.
* Fixed some dead link issues in profile views.
* SMF wysiwyg editor buttons fixed for link, picture, ftp, and email.
* If user is removed, DL items should show guest now as author.
* Upshrink for tag topics or boards should keeps state if upshrinked.
* Fixed special characters in article shortname links and replacing spaces with dashes.
* Article layout option 2 displays properly now.
* User submitted articles now display editor properly.
* Small Misc. layout and code errors fixed.
v1.0 RC3:

* Many small code fixes resulting from conversion to $smcFunc queries in SMF2 install.
* Fixed display of Wysiwyg editor display depending upon admin or profile setting.
* Some tag fixes to update and save properly.
* Added code for Forum menu active.
* Fixed view and rating counts on Articles
* Fixed some minor display options for custom page layout
* Fixed PHP article intro display
* Article search now returns results
* Shoutbox fixed to allow non-admins to shout.
* Shoutbox displays member group colors
* Added CSS to keep editor for bleeding out of the page.
* Article submission errors fixed.
* Updated wysiwyg.
* Fixed options to move block up/down in order
* Frontpage option to display from multiple boards
v1.0 RC2:

* Fixed block display permissions. Blocks were showing for guests when ungrouped members were selected. Admin permissions were not respected in all instances either.
* Many display issues with foreign characters in articles and blocks fixed.
* Updated TP sources for SMF2 to use $smcFunc.
* Fixed front page display issues with Article/Topic ordering issues.
* Pagination not counting items properly for select front page options.
* Added default values when creating categories to keep from causing display issues and errors.
* Layout type for links display fixed.
* Updated the whizzywig editor
* Added shoutbox display names to be member group color
* Shoutbox displays properly in front block now.
* Article ratings now properly counting and averaging.
* Downloads descriptions display BBC or HTML properly.
* Deleting an empty download item no longer deletes a file from FTP when no item is meant to be selected in drop down.
* Allowed < center > tag for block titles.
* Many other minor errors, not worth mentioning. :)v1.0 RC1

* Added navigation to almost all tpadmin functions.
* fixed some inconsistencies in TPadmin layout.
* Theme block didn't redirect to where it was. fixed.
* fixed issue where panels did not show on certain actions, when set to show on all forum actions.(collapsing boards, posting, search results etc.)
* Fixed entity problems with block titles and edit block screen.
* Added text entry for viewing the forum in Whos Online section.
* Add menu textbox did not show in IE8 because of missing tags. Fixed.
* Menu items was removed from Sitemap block if menu block was off. Fixed.
* Wrong links for adding HTML/BBC articles inside the "tinyportal" menu.
* forum button didn't highlight when in board/topic. Fixed.
* Fixed errors in the TP section of member profile.
* dates on article titles for frontpage did not use language choice.Fixed.
* Frontblocks meant for guests was also shown for members. Fixed.
* Shoutbox admin was encoding entities upon save, but not decoding when fetched.
* More fixes for bugs discovered in beta5.
* Some changes on default styles in TP.Update 5.sept 2010
- added SQL file for direct setup of TP tables(for MySQL)

v1.0 beta5.2
- Textareas inside PHP code would interfere with TP source code.Fixed.
- Errors with utf-8 characters not shown correctly in shoutbox+articles.
- Changed slightly shoutbox to better fit in narrow panels.
- Fixed CAPTCHA errors in article comments.
- Fixed avatars not showing in forum topics on frontpage.
- Added WAP and IMODE subtemplate code.
- Corrected javascript errors for menu item editing.

This mod from Jerry?

No, this is my project. Jerry has his own script. :)

TinyPortal is currently running at , if you want to see it in action.

Excellent, Bloc

Very best mod.

Very Nice portal :), my error log shows some errors though:

--- Quote ---8: Undefined index: mystart
File: /xxx/xxx/public_html/akjerry/Themes/default/TPortalBlocks.template.php (eval?)
Line: 62
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---8: Undefined variable: t
File: /xxx/xxx/public_html/akjerry/Sources/TPortal.php
Line: 205
--- End quote ---


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