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--- Quote from: BaghdadGhost on April 02, 2012, 09:44:08 PM ---I am sorry did not get beck to you.

if you dont mind explain the changes to make it center if in the future someone will need it

glad that it worked  :)

--- End quote ---

Here is how to "Center the Copyright in Clear Sky"

In the folder Clear Sky__SMF2Final/css you'll find index.css

Open this with a plain text editor and find line 1588. You'll find the following (or similar) code there:
    position: relative; {this may read absolute]
    top: 60px;
    left: -33px;
    padding-left: 83px;
    text-align: left;  [change to center]

Change the last line to read

    text-align: center;

This sets the text alignment from the left to the center (center).
Save the file and re-upload to your site.

great thanks.

Anyone to help with this please?

i've installed this elegant theme.

the icons (new, old, redirect...etc.) aren't displayed.

i'm using the latest smf version 2.0.5

I have a couple of questions if anyone is still around to help?  :)

I have this theme on two sites and really like it. I would like to make the text a little larger on the forum and maybe change the text color of the topics (only) to black. Can this be done? If so could someone kindly tell me where to find to do this (as much detail as possible).

Thank you....


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