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how to adjust login page

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who can help me to adjust the login page of my forum?

See the attachment to see what i mean. I would like to change the message in the part that's in yellow marker.

Thanks in advance!


Since its not english, I don't know what exactly this message is saying but I think you can change most of the login related errors and message from file :
For you language it should be

Check that file and

Hello Ricky,

thank you for your answer. I tried to do what you said, but it seems i don't have acces to all the Dutch files. The English files i can access. I think what you proposed will be the right way to adjust the message that is in the yellow marker, but therefore i will need to acces the Dutch files.
The reason that i want to change that message i because the forum us part of a membershipsite with payment, and the forum should  only be accesable for the members.


I hope you are using FTP, since you are seeing that message in Dutch then there must be dutch files, please give a deep look once again.

There are indeed Dutch files(see the screenshot in attachment), but the problem is that they are not accessible, only the English ones are.


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