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青山 素子:

--- Quote from: Arantor on January 24, 2012, 06:55:25 PM ---I just personally won't be using Git any time soon, it just doesn't fit in with how I develop and given that I tend to develop best in reasonable isolation, I don't my adapting to it very easily.

--- End quote ---

It looks like it's pretty awesome even for solo development, mostly because you have a full repository so you don't need to be "online" to work with the repo.

I don't like it even for solo development. I much prefer something where I don't have to think of a repository as a hex string but a number indicating onward development.

Angelina Belle:
I'm not too bad at speaking British.  I grew up reading a lot of English authors, and once worked for an English company.

In the US, we have another meaning for GIT, too, which Larry the cable guy so aptly applies in his catch-phrase "Git 'er done".

I think a GIT repo is most attractive to projects which have, or would like to encourage, considerable community involvement.

Git *is* designed for strong community involvement, having been designed originally for the Linux kernel itself which is massive in terms of collaboration.

Angelina Belle:


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