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Yes, can someone please help with the question above? i am experiencing same issue.
I want to change the logo position abit to the left...basically modifying the X Y positioning of mylogo.png


yafet can you post a link to your site please?  ;)


thanks for prompt reply,
Basically my problem is, when i turn on the news header, the logo (mylogo.png) is shifted up to the very top of the page, not horizontally alligned with the news header.

But when i turn of the news header, the logo sits just fine.


With news header

Without news header

...and i do really like the News Header feature in this template, so i am hoping if there's anyway i could adjust the positioning of the logo (mylogo.png), so it will look nice alligned with News header.

Thanks for the help :)

Moving your logo more to the left (float: left;) may help as the news area requires a certain amount of space. Also if your theme is set at a fixed width, setting it to a fluid with may fix this issue as well.


would you care to explain it in details? as i am not a progammer, hence you need to bear with me when explain things hehe  ;D

where do i move the logo to the left? which code i should change? what line? and replace with what?

thanks :)


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