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Thanks to a very active community, Simple Machines Forum is currently available in over 40 languages. Even though we're proud of that fact, we continue to search for ways to improve the quality of our international support and to make new languages available, so that more people can benefit from the SMF software. In order to provide higher quality language files, we've created an online tool allowing multiple users to work on the same language at the same time.

We are looking for people to improve and maintain currently available languages and people that are willing to translate a language that has not yet been translated. We need your help, so that we can provide SMF in your language at the same quality as the English version.

A requirement to join the team of translators would be to have good skills in both English and the language you're translating to and that you can spend a significant amount of time on translating.

If you wanna help out with one of the languages currently available or a language not yet available, send a mail to Please add the language you wish to help with, in what way you wish to contribute and the login name you're using on this community.

"Very Good" Thank Sri.Compuart  :P

Thank  :)

wow brilliant

Hello Compuart,

Could you please add a Bulgarian child-board. I'll try to help as much as i can.

Thank you!


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