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Little Topic Solved improvement

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changed in index.css /* Color for background of *topics* requiring approval */.approvetbg

--- Code: ---/* Sticky topics get a different background */
   background: #625349;
   background: #625349;
/* Solved topics get a different background */
 background: #66FF33;
   background: #66FF33;
--- End code ---

changed in MessageIndex.template.php

--- Code: ---foreach ($context['topics'] as $topic)
// Is this topic pending approval, or does it have any posts pending approval?
if ($context['can_approve_posts'] && $topic['unapproved_posts'])
$color_class = !$topic['approved'] ? 'approvetbg' : 'approvebg';
// We start with locked and sticky topics.
elseif ($topic['is_sticky'] && $topic['is_locked'])
$color_class = 'stickybg locked_sticky';
// Sticky topics should get a different color, too.
elseif ($topic['is_sticky'])
$color_class = 'stickybg';
                        // Solved topics should get a different color, too.
                        elseif ($topic['is_solved']) $color_class = 'solvedbg';
                     // Locked topics get special treatment as well.
elseif ($topic['is_locked'])
$color_class = 'lockedbg';
// Last, but not least: regular topics.
$color_class = 'windowbg';
--- End code ---
Unfortunately it does not work  :-[

Last adds after getting this information

--- Quote ---You need to implement the solved background in the following pages
- Themes/default/css/index.css
- Themes/default/MessageIndex.template.php
- Themes/default/Recent.template.php

On an added note, you must give a solved both CSS clasess
class = 'windowbg solvedbg";
--- End quote ---
Still Do not get it working unfortunately

Thank you to share

Nice idea.. Would be good if implemented..  :D

What would be great is if it could be done without file editing.

It isn't possible in SMF without *serious* work but with some effort in strengthening the plugin system it could be.

* Arantor knows what he's on about and would encourage those interested who know what I do to go check out a certain board on a certain forum where my own inspired-by-SMF variation is in use ;)


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