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[TIP/TRICK] Adding Twitter and Facebook "Share/Like" Button To Posts

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--- Quote from: graaywolf on June 11, 2012, 02:06:07 PM ---J...

GraayWolf here

added your edits and it works fine except the facebook share window is half hidden... you have to guess that what your typing is not a typo lol....

no attachments option I guess so I can't give you a screenshot... come into my stickam chat and i'll show ya what's happening....

--- End quote ---

That's because the share window is bigger than the containing div. If it were made any bigger, it would throw off the layout and make things looks like hell. There' no real way to fix it that I can think of.

Don't suppose you have the coding to share to Tumblr as well, cause that would be awesome.

This worked for me on most of my themes.  Great tip  thanks. :)

Thanks  :D

Thank you JBlaze for the tip/trick :)
I have
SMF Package       SMF 1.1.19
Sources                    2.0    1.1.19
Default Templates    2.0    1.1.12
Language Files    2.0    1.1.18
Current Templates    2.0    1.1

The result from adding the code is only a hyperlink to twitter with the word 'Tweet'. Screenshot:


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