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Babylon Theme Option for v2.01

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Jim Stone:

Any chance that the Babylon theme which my users adore will be coded to work with  v2 of simple machines. It is the only thing that I was disappointed with in the conversion. If not, is there any way someone might work on that as a mod?

I'm sorry, Babylon theme is indeed not updated at this time.
We want to try to update Babylon and Classic for 2.0 and make them available as official themes for 2.0 (2.0.1), however that is up to designers' interest and time for doing so. While Classic has found interested people to step up for it (Akyhne is working on it and he has my thanks for that!), Babylon is still an "orphan" at this time.

Thank you for letting us know of your forum need, I will try to see what we can do.

I'm hoping to update Babylon myself with what little free time I have. Give me a couple of weeks and post back. I'll see this topic in my unread replies list to give my self a reminder. :)

I have a nicely customized babylon theme, which has been in place for > 4 yrs. I have a parallel SMF 2 installation in place, but will not move my database over to SMF 2 until I get it looking nearly exactly the same. So any help in getting a babyon theme for 2.0 would be mui welcome. Hopefully, I'll be able to integrate in my old customizations relatively easily.


whether it will be a theme update?


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