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Hello all,

I’m Doctor Deejay, I’m sixteen years old and I live in the Netherlands, a country in Europe which you can’t see on a regular map without using a telescope. I am also someone who uses the word ‘though’ too much.

I have many hobbies, like studying new languages and learning more about cultures. And of course, I also like watching movies, playing games and listening to music. My favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean (I like Fountain of Youth the most) and The Pianist. To be honest, there are many movies that I like so it’s hard to make a choice. The same goes for music, of course. I mostly listen to pop music and calm music, but I also like some hip hop (in most cases non-English) and rap songs. If I had to choose a band that I like the most, it would be Thirty Seconds to Mars. Best band ever… ever… ever. I don’t like soccer, but I do like American Football, baseball and hockey. I love nature and making pictures (of the environment, I don’t like to annoy people by making pictures of them if they don’t want to). My favorite television series are NCIS Los Angeles and Nikita. Best series ever, without a doubt.

As I said before, I like gaming. In my opinion the Xbox360 is the best console there is. My favorite games are The Godfather and James Bond. I also like Halo, Modern Warfare and L.A. Noire, though.

Growing up in the Netherlands is boring and dull (at least where I live), but I don’t know if that’s because I live in the most undeveloped province (if you guess right I’ll give you virtual cappuccino :D) or because I’ve lived here for ages. I do like bitterballen and oliebollen. Has anyone ever tried them? You should! They’re delicious. My dream and goal is to move to another country before I’m 35 or so. I haven’t made a choice, though, but since I was 14 I’ve had the dream to move to either Spain or the US. I have also considered many other countries, however I don’t really care which country I’m going to live in.

Of course there are also things I hate, including:
[*]People that make fun of other people
[*]People who think they’re though

That should be enough about me. Feel free to ask questions, if you’d like.

Doctor Deejay

Cool, what operating system do you like to use?

Ubuntu 12.04, I like it a lot :)

Ewwww, Ubuntu! :P

Welcome ;)

--- Quote ---My bike reached the 31 km/h, while 30 km/h was the maximum, so yes. Nah just kidding

--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Ewwww, Ubuntu! :P
--- End quote ---
Meh :P

--- Quote ---Welcome ;)
--- End quote ---
Thank you :)

--- Quote ---
--- Quote ---My bike reached the 31 km/h, while 30 km/h was the maximum, so yes. Nah just kidding
--- End quote ---
--- End quote ---
Lol :P


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