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Anyone here working with CloudFlare/HoneyPot antibot software?

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hey butchs,

since this topic ended over a year ago, not sure if the instructions are still valid.

the default value for "IP call to Reverse Proxy" in BB mod is currently "X-Forwarded-For".

however, in your post above, you stated that the value for "IP call to Reverse Proxy" should be "Cf-Connecting-Ip".

may i ask which is the correct value that should be in that field since i'm using cloudflare?


There are other proxies out there.  For CF use ""Cf-Connecting-Ip".

noted with thanks!

last quick question, do i have to "enable bad behavior" for the reverse proxy to work, or can i leave bad behavior turned off and only check the box "enable reverse proxy"?

your help is much appreciated!

Yes you have to "enable bad behavior" for it to work as the reverse proxy only works with the BB mod.  Install the CF mod earlier in this thread for CF to work with SMF.

all working good now, thanks butchs!


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