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Name: Richard
Age: 39
Location: England
Position: Support Specialist

    Do you have pets?
    Two rescue cats and a dog. Their names are Jack, Jill (cats) Flash is the dog.

    What kind of music do you like?
Anythjing from 1920s through to some of todays. I despise trance, garage, rap and hip hop.

 What do you do on your free time besides spending time on SMF?
gardening, reading, watching tv, the pets, preparing for the radio station.

    What got you involved in SMF?
    I was with a forum which basically died so I looked into starting one myself. SMF looked easy enough so here I am 3 years later.

    Are you into sports?  If so which ones?   
Got more sense.

    What was your first screenname?

    Do you have any piercings?
Not likely.

    Are you a lefty/righty or ambidextrous?
Right Handed.

    Do you have any tattoo's?  If not do you wish/plan to get one?
    No thanks.

    Do you have any siblings?  If so, how many of each?
1 half brother and sister. 1 sister.

    What is your favorite website?
Sky News, TV and a camping related one.

    Do you play video game consoles?  Which ones?
Used to own a gameboy (original and SNES. Now own a Wii, PS2 and Nintendo DS

    Are you married or planing to get married?
 How many languages do you speak?  If so which ones?

    Do you drink?
    Do you smoke?

    Did you play hookey from class?

    Do you have a license?

        Do you own a car?
    Skoda Fabia Estate called Francis.

        Have you ever been stopped for speeding?

    Do you obtain a good amount of sleep daily?

    Do you wear jewelry?  If so what jewelry do you wear?
Only my watch.

    How do you dress?
  Shorts and t shirt if weather hot otherwise t shirt and jeans.

    How many keys are on your keyring?

    What time do you go to bed?  What time do you wake up?

    Do you live alone?
    Partner and pets.

    How many hours a day do you spend in the computer?

    How many hours a day do you spend in SMF?
Always when online, same goes for time spent on my two forums.

    What is your favorite beverage - coffee, tea, soda, beer, other?

Tea, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Irn Bru.

    What do you hate?
Noisy kids, stuck up people, politics

Matthew K.:
Ohh now I know your name ;D


--- Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on May 11, 2012, 06:43:23 PM ---Ohh now I know your name ;D

--- End quote ---
* Old Fossil coughs
and my age.  :o

Shouldn't put ya in my class then (noisy kids).

And you are younger then both of my parents so stop it :P

Cool, thanks for helping out.
I have learned a lot from your post.


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