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Where to change receiver for registration notification?

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We are using SMF 1.1.16, but this question is escorting us for long time now: User accounts are not activated instantly but need a confirmation by the admin. Once this option is chosen in the admin control panel, the system reliably sends out two registration notification - to one admin and to one moderator.
But: we have no control about the final receiver. This behavior was witnessed throughout several changes in staff. For any new constellation the system seems to collect on its own one of the admins an one of the mods to receive the registration emails. If a former receiver is not available anymore, the next user from the according groups is picked. Right now we are two admins and it would certainly make sense to send all the registration emails to them.
Does anyone know, where the receivers of these notification emails are controlled?
Sorry for the bad language,

Hi Jessyka,

You can change the registration notification at

Admin >>Members >> Registration>>Settings>>

There is an option to select Notify administrators when a new member joins:

Hope this helps

Unless you have installed a mod that changes things, only your admins should be receiving notification of new registrations.  These emails sometimes go to spam depending on the email provider the admin is using so you might verify that the emails are not going to spam.

Hello and thanks for the answers!

Yes, expertsgalaxy: the notification for admins ist enabled. The mails are sent, but not to the right receipients.

and JimM:
we hat installed the stopforumspam-mod, but that shouldn't change the notification rules, should it?
Its a daily observed fact, that not only admins receive the mails. We don't know why.

No that mod would not have anything to do with the notifications.  What other mods do you have installed?


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