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Help Wanted: Integration hooks and functions list in the wiki

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Can someone in the doc group update the integration functions list for 2.0.2?

specifically, incorporate this post:
with this additional update

Unfortunately, with everything else going on in my life right now, I don't have time to go through it....   but it seems like a nice thing for one of the doc helpers to take on. :)

AFAIK the wiki is least it should not contain old information...hopefully. :P

At the same time it doesn't contain all the informations in Orstio's guide mainly because 1) I'm lazy and 2) in the future it would be a nightmare with all the hooks in 2.1 to write down everything! :o (BTW I had in mind to split the main document in sub-documents and put back everything together like I was doing for $smcFunc, but I...well, I forgot about it.

There are indeed few hooks that are short in documentation and would need a bit of love...if anyone wants to do anything feel free to! :)

A part that is missing is Orstio's 1st reply on how to use SMF_INTEGRATION_SETTINGS.

Angelina Belle:
Yes.  That is a lot of work ($smcFunc/sandbox ).  And not even completed yet.
I worked on this for the BB codes, and it worked well.
But it is a lot of work.
Is there a big advantage to this kind of work, splitting the article into a lot of sub-articles?
And do we have volunteers to work on it?

Right now is the second longest page on the wiki, for SMF 2.1 there will be other...100+ hooks to document...I feel that keep everything in one page will be a nightmare...

Of course there are other intermediate solutions like group hooks in several different pages.

But the semantic-wiki way could have advantages (i.e. create several different pages grouping different hooks based on several different categorizations)

Side note related to this, for you wiki folks: can we have a dev namespace or some other way of categorization (not sure which is best for the current way things are organized), for the pages documenting related things?
Such as integration hooks, but there are others.


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