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Help Wanted: Integration hooks and functions list in the wiki

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integrate_egg_nog is an easter egg. Aren't easter eggs supposed to be hidden like they always traditionally were?

Yeah...but at that point I think it doesn't make much sense to remove it from the documentation... unless we remove it from SMF itself.

--- Quote from: Norv on February 26, 2012, 01:16:20 AM ---Side note related to this, for you wiki folks: can we have a dev namespace or some other way of categorization (not sure which is best for the current way things are organized), for the pages documenting related things?
Such as integration hooks, but there are others.

--- End quote ---
Few/several development-related categories already exist.
With a different namespace means mainly that the search is completely independent (i.e. if you search the main wiki you don't get any development-related stuff), I don't think this the best...well there are advantages and disadvantages of course.


--- Quote ---unless we remove it from SMF itself
--- End quote ---
I could argue against that but it would seriously derail this thread. Er,, topic :D

Well...we can say we have removed it... :P


--- Quote from: Kindred on February 21, 2012, 09:49:24 AM ---specifically, incorporate this post:

--- End quote ---
I edited the first message of this topic to point to the wiki.

I kept the topic sticky because the information there is still valid for SMF 1.1 and could still be useful to someone.


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