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Forum SEO is a myth

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Not much of a myth though cause some have been having good results using forums for SEO. But take note of the word SOME cause not everyone, despite doing the same tasks had had similar results.

It's basically unpredictable.


--- Quote from: reefforum on November 30, 2011, 12:17:39 AM ---Just try it for yourself.  google any of these:  car forum, dog forum, woodworking forum, paint forum, construction forum, exercise forum, weightloss forum, cooking forum, etc. 

The sites on the first page dont necessarily  have the word forum in them, but NONE are powered by SMF. 
So is forum SEO a myth?  Perhaps SMF users believe that and none of them are on the first page of google results.

--- End quote ---

Type in "conservative forum".  Right now, mine is #3.

I'm at #6 for 'roleplaying forum'.

I agree with a lot of what you said, especially the pretty website with the keywords in the title being rubbish, I have often been told that I made a mistake not doing that, but I am still on page one for my chosen keywords without it. Total myth!

 Read the article several times, running smf 2.0.2 default theme  with optimus brave mod installed. ( very recently)

I have so many duplicate meta descriptions, duplicate title tags  according to Google WMT (cannot blame optimus brave, I haven't checked this, before hand) even though I see :

<link rel="canonical" href= .....>  when checked with "view source" function of chrome ...

see :

Maybe opened in the wrong place :-)


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