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Ashley S:
Hello guys.
I think on the next update SMF should come with a Like System.

Where you can Like posts like you Like comments on Facebook.
A bit like XenForo.

What do you guys think?

I agree. I think this could be a useful feature for a future version of SMF, given how the internet is becoming more and more "social", even in the world of forums :)

There is already a mod for this as well, but it's not free (see if you're interested).

Ashley S:
Thanks for the reply, Oldie :).
I don't think i'll be buying that SMF Likes Modifications, I will have to wait and see if this feature gets added ;).

You do know the author offers a 'free' version for his Likes MOD.  It just doesn't have all the features the Likes PRO version has  ( Ex. Lite version only allows members to like the 1st post of a topic)

But the Pro version is where its at. :)  Even if SMF added a system like this, I'd still use Nibogo's paid version.

Or you could edit the thank you mod and change it to LIKE..


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