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Would love this if I could get it to work :)

Keeps throwing up an error during Step 4 of merging two accounts.   Instead of showing the progress screen I get this error:

--- Code: ---Database Error
Duplicate entry '27665-996' for key 1
File: /htdocs/forum/Sources/AdminToolbox.php
Line: 1127

--- End code ---

Using the latest coding, downloaded an hour ago.   Any suggestions?  I'm going over the file now, but I haven't done any coding in a while and I'm pretty rusty.

Great mod, thanks :)
But it has small problem ;)
It counts messages in boards where the counting of posts is disabled.

In which function


--- Quote from: Spuds on March 28, 2012, 08:52:15 PM ---In which function

--- End quote ---
Recount User Posts

Well that is odd ...

The query specifically only loads boards that has post count enable and makes sure it does not count anything in the recycle board for those that have that enabled. 

I just did a quick test on my test forum and it did not count any user posts in a board with post count off .... so not sure why its not working for you. I'll do some more poking around but ATM there is nothing obvious.  Was it adding posts or not subtracting posts?  MySQL? PHP version? main board or a child board?  Just looking for clues.


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