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--- Quote from: Roar on July 31, 2011, 05:31:48 PM ---I am not sure I understand this. The Manual says “Once the sub-page is created the second step is copy the entire template to the sub-page”?
--- End quote ---
Yep, that for sure needs some further comment...

Quick explanation: the "main principle" is that you click on the "edit" button of the English version, select all the text inside and copy it to the new page in your language.

I'll expand later, I'm in a hurry now sorry... :)

Angelina Belle:
Emanuele, This is a very good beginning.

I have tried to add some step-by-step instructions.

All translators -- please let us know if these instructions are useful.  The documentation team is trying to do our best with what is available to help translators provide documentation in as many languages as possible, and will will try to improve as we learn more.

Thank You!

Thanks Angelina!

I did just 2 minor fixes and added a link to this category, so we will have a "central list" of templates that can be translated. :)

In the meantime, if you want you can start with version specific and I'll check which other templates contain text that should be translated.

As I have not seen an announcement for this board, neither had an information, just a question:

Is this board "Wiki Translations" accessible by all that can access "Translation forum" or it's restricted to a part of them?

agridoc, it is accessible by everyone that can access Translate forum, as we wanted to inform all translators about wiki translation process.


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