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I changed the value of $db_prefix from 'smf_' to 'database.smf_'  still not work.


--- Code: ---global $db_prefix;

--- End code ---

Default set already.

UPDATED: I reinstall mod, it work fine.

I am getting some errors as you can see below:

--- Quote --- 2: Missing argument 1 for httpBL_look_for_empty_ip(), called in /home/theoverg/public_html/smf/Sources/httpBL_Subs.php on line 680 and defined   File: /home/theoverg/public_html/smf/Sources/httpBL_Subs.php
 Line: 517
--- End quote ---

--- Quote --- 8: Undefined variable: ip   File: /home/theoverg/public_html/smf/Sources/httpBL_Subs.php
 Line: 519
--- End quote ---

Any ideas as to why I see these.  The mod. sure does work, stops them in there track, well the odd one slips in..

Would appreciate any kind of advice or help on this..


It is a bug in the code.

While I sort it in the next version you can correct it manually:

Inside your Sources folder look for the file httpBL_Subs.php

Inside it (line 680) look for the code:

--- Code: ---$ip = httpBL_look_for_empty_ip();

--- End code ---

Replace it with:

--- Code: ---$ip = httpBL_look_for_empty_ip($ip);

--- End code ---

Save the modified file and upload it to your forum.

Sorry  :-[

Thank you Snoopy, I have made the change and will see what happens..

By the way great mod..

Thanks Ron..


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