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My name is Robert and I have just started a forum using Simple Machines.  I am impressed with the ease and the features.

If you are interested in discussing religion and theology, please come visit my site.  If you know Simple Machines and want to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

The forum is 90+% setup, but there is some customization I would like to do, I need people in the forum, I need people to invite people to join the forum, and I need help getting started.


A link for people to click helps too.

Edited to add:

Way to many boards for a new forum.

You need a decent theme other than the default.

The board descriptions are too long.

Please note... This board is not intended to advertise your site or try to get users. If you have a board to show off,use the showcase board.

This boards for building forum advice and discussion

Lawrence Wright:
There's too much to read and nothing really makes it stand out.


* Cut down on the text. There's too much of it.
* Cut down on the boards. There're too many of them.
* If you wanna keep the boards, consider making some of them child boards.
Just my 2 cents. :)

Soaring Hawk:
Hi Robert

I like your forum, I think you have it set up nicely. 

I just downloaded SMF but already, I'm in over my head.  I'd like to start my own Forum with this format, I like it, but I doubt I can get it done. 

Bravo on yours!



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