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SMF 2.0 Candidate 4 and SMF 1.1.12 have been released

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--- Quote from: Road Rash on February 07, 2011, 11:25:56 PM ---I haven't argued anything. I expressed an opinion, answered your questions, and asked for clarification in response to your comments.

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Actually..while it may seem a long time, remember that 2.0 was a major rewrite of 1.1. Taking a stable version and changing large parts of code, not to mention the entire set of templates, took a good deal of time, 1-2 years just on that. Unfortunately past events(which I do NOT agreed was for the benefit of SMF, although it WAS good that the team leadership were exchanged) also delayed things with at least a year more.

So your 5 years aren't really 5 years of real coding, more like 2-3 and the rest due to changing of team members, who had to re-learn the code, before they could create anything new. I can't find many members that was here when 2-0 was started, and that means the original "founders" of certain code parts are just gone.

I see nothing surprising about this time-frame in that light, and I am - as should you and others, RoadRash - glad that we now indeed have a stable 2.0, with just minor bugs left to correct. What the future holds, no-one knows. But its up to US if SMF is to survive, the team can't just operate on its own, nor will they stay on if you bully them further.

When have anyone ever done their best when getting scorn instead of praise..?

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All is said and well explained here.

Thanks Bloc.

EnvisionPortal Team:
Glad RC4 is out and looking forward to more updated versions

When you will lock this?


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