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hi everybody,

i got a problem, i erase the skip action list and don't know what it was !!! So if someone can tell me the default skip action list in pretty urls will be nice !!!

Also i get logout everytime i use reply or post or simply when i go the an category of my forum i'm disconnected from the forum !!!

what's the problem?!!!!

thanks for replying me !!

i got also after the category in url "?wwwredirect at the end wtf !!!

i got a problem when logged in i get logged out everytime i go to an topic, when pretty urls is activated, everything is working i tried every single possibility with pretty urls settings ( rewrite url works ) but get logged out on every topic, and get logged in if go back to home or forum, very strange, sometimes i got a "wwwredirect after the correct url or category !!!

I need some help thanks !!!!

How do I unsubscribe from this? It keeps popping up in my replies and I am no longer interested.

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