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Truncate the table and try again.  I just reuploaded the file.

Puc conDoin:
Did you mean that I had to empty the table?

I reinstall SMF (after deleting all SMF tables) every time I have an error on the conversion. Then I restart the conversion from the beginning.

I used your newly uploaded sql-file, but got the same error on the same table:

Duplicate entry '12-0' for key 1  

Puc conDoin:
Even when I remove entry 12 from the original database, I still get the "Duplicate entry"-error. On the next database row that follows.

Try this one.

Puc conDoin:
Thanx! The error on the poll choices table didn't show up anymore!  ;D

But unfortunately, another error has come up:

--- Quote ---Converting personal messages (step 1)... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    INSERT IGNORE INTO `forzona`.smf_personal_messages
    (ID_PM, ID_MEMBER_FROM, msgtime, fromName, subject, body)
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---Caused the error:

    Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes
--- End quote ---


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