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I am still pretty much a newbie to this group.

But not a newbie to life experiances.
But I think the basics still apply.

I am a business owner who interacts both in person and, electronically. ( email phones, forum etc) I am often on a physical job site or taking a call.  If there is a horizon of personalities I have met them from 18 - 98 years old ( no joke).

I dont think you need to coddle anyone, in fact often times a disablity
may only seem that way to what you are seeing, and not what they feel. Its not a disability to them its a disability to us not to be able to identify a proper means of communication.
And we can not be expected to meet everyone needs and make everyone always feel warm and fuzzy. Thats not reality either.
That said, you should treat ppl, as human being.

And if we cannot meet the persons need be honest and open and say,
I am sorry but I am not in the position to support what you need done.

I know this may not meet the political correctness we thrust upon this country.  But its reality, none of us can please everyone all the time.
But we can all be nice given the times we cant.

Sorry about the soap box was just my two cents


NOS ChromeNut:
:o Well, with the exception of the exceptions to the bipolar comments, I think that restating the agreements that users/members on these forums have agreed to is quite agreeable... now I'm lost. Anyway, part of the reason I'm moving away from phpBB and considering SMF (I'm about 80% convinced) is that on the phpBB forums you will find not just users/members entering inappropriate comments, but you will find some of their Developers literally attacking other members because of their posts.   I asked a simple question on one of the forums there and basically got the snot beat out of me by one of their developers because I had missed the answer to that question in a previous post, this was on a thread with 24 pages!  Like I'm going through 24 pages for a simple question!

Anyway, you can't please everyone all the time, and if your moderators are doing their jobs and you allow open, honest criticisms to be posted, then you're doing a better job than most.  So far I give SMF and their Forums extremely high marks.  As to the bipolar comments, again you just can't please everyone, and some people are just more sensitive than others. . . and before you go off on me about being lenient, I have a daughter with multiple handicaps and I have exceedingly thick skin, which you grow into in dealing with idiots and morons who ask stupid questions and make stupid comments.  If it offends you, but it's not truly entirely offensive, then shrug it off... that's my motto anyway... ;D

NOS ChromeNut:
 ??? Oh, meant to state that if you find my avatar offensive I'll be more than happy to remove it... I'm just a bit nutz... :P

Jeff I agree 100%. As a new user and member here, my only comment is that this should be the case on both sides. The few posts I have made, the replies seem harsh and unfriendly. I belong to several forums and new members are usually welcomed. However, in my case, maybe it is isolated. I have read a lot of your posts in trying to learn my way around your forum and notice most replies are friendly.

I will say this, you have a fantastic product and look forward to learning more and maybe I'll become a charter member, but my thought is friendliness should be extended to all and if that is done  more people will become charter members in appreciation of being treated with respect.

Thanks for your time

Seems all Angels has come together  ;D


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