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[Theme] Aqua skin ported to SMF :)

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clean looking forums, good job  8)

Better than a lot I've seen in a while.  I hope you can get permission for release.


Looks very nice. I hope you get permission to release it!

Very well done.
Good job!


Thanks for the thumbs up..

Still working on it right now.. playing with collapsable categories and sections via dhtml (vB / IPB style) and checking for all templates validating w/o any errors.

Also, the post box got a new look with dropdowns for font face/size. And I have a few more ideas :)

As for permission to release: I still got no answer...

However, I will, at least, release the templates (because, they are my work anyway) when they are finished. I may add my own gradients, icons (or maybe use the default SMF icons) and then release these templates as a complete style w/o the aqua-soft copyrighted content.


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