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Have you set the file permissions to 755 or 775?

Chmod 755

--- Quote ---This script resets all files to the default installation from the file "" (which is a pared down version of the "Large Upgrade Package" from SMF.)
This script will also remove all installed themes other than the default, reset all packages to "not installed" and reset all member options to the default settings for the default theme.
Remember: This will not remove any mod DATA from the database, nor will it delete the mod-specific FILES

Resetting error logs

Resetting installed packages

Finding and removing all themes except for the default theme (Curve)

Removing (6) Extreme6 Final
from /home/messiah/public_html/Themes/extreme6_2_0_texture

Fatal error: Call to undefined function deltree() in /home/messiah/public_html/reset_site_2.php on line 77
--- End quote ---

looks like you host won't allow deltree to run (or you're on a windows host?)

My host is unix non windows. How to check - info about deltree?

ask them?


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