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Have suddenly developed an error when posting.
My host upgraded servers yesterday, wondering if it has something to do with that, have not heard back from a support ticket I  submitted.

Using SMF 2.02 [nonactive]
Error log: Have a few of these - 12ab66f20417b0d19f8146a5b167121b
Type of error: General;start=90;board=41 [nonactive]
Unable to send mail to the email address 'perhaps email address of member who started the thread????'

Every time someone posts the forum redirects to another page which says 'The page you requested is not available. A general error has occurred' (Attachment - forum).

If I go back to the thread the post has worked.
(Attachment - forum2)

I feel it is a host issue as I cannot logon to my control panel with the logon & password I KNOW are correct but thought I will also post here in case people have an answer.

I would check the host first if you havent changed anything as they may be having issues after doing upgrades.

Have you been able to sort out the problem Abbey?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Did you contact your host? Were they able to help you?

All fixed now.
It must have been an issue with the host. They have fixed the forum issues and also just this week resolved the issue of my not being able to log on.

Have done some testing yesterday & everything seems to work fine now.

Thanks all.


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