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SMF has decided to take a new approach to support. We are going to implement a new system to thank the non-Team Members who've post helpful replies to others. There are a number of you who enjoy giving support but can only do it for a few months at a time. We understand that life gets busy and that sometimes SMF has to take the back burner :(. 

The SMF team knows all about working for free. A lot of us have been working on this project for years. We use our free time to help move this project forward. We also understand that you are putting in your free time as well to help this project out. I hope that this program will help us to have a better relationship with you.

Your contributions have been noticed even when nobody has mentioned it to you. In order to publicly thank those who have taken the time to help us out, we have created a new membergroup that will show a temporary badge. If the SMF Team feels that you have contributed a significant amount of helpful support, you will earn a badge which will only last about a month. We will only issue a few of these each month to those who have provided the most professional and knowledgeable support.  If you continue to provide support, you may be able to keep the badge for additional months :).

The second way we want to help you out is by giving you more tools to work with. The SMF team have a number of tools that we use to help provide support in a more timely fashion. New team members that come onto the team often wonder why these tools are not offered to them beforehand. Since we do not wish to clutter up everyones forum, we will be providing a portion of these tools to you by means of a membergroup. This membergroup will be a requestable membergroup; to request entry visit your profile (Profile > Group Membership > request membership for the "Community Support Helper" membergroup).
After joining this group you will see a few new tools on your screen. If there are any problems about this you can contact JimM at any time by sending a PM.

Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to working together more closely.

If you are lazy like me then you can also use;sa=groupMembership to get to the Group Membership page.

thanks for the option to do this.



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You're Welcome ;)


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