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Having problem with preety url


Pls i need help here.after installing preety url on my forum,YES it did rewrote the url,but there is some thing i noticed,its only the index that has the www in front of it.any other page viewed will just appear without the www, so i dont know if its from the preety url,or somewhere else,cos i want all my links to bear the www. this is the htaccess file preety url rewrote at the end,check for me to see if that is where the problem is coming from so as not to mess my forum up.

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the support topic for pretty urls is

Busterone tnks for the link,but what i need isnt there it also has at about 3oo+ reply making it difficult to solve my issue on time.,if u know anything about redirects,check the image in the previous post and see if all is okay with the redirect. or there is a little modification i have to do to correct that,
sorry if i am breaking any rule posting in this section.

you should post in that thread so the author can help you, otherwise it is possible you will not a solution to your problem by posting anywhere else.



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