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Hi I would like to give permission to   "Moderate > Membergroups"
which this option allows them to approve Membergroup requests and view membergroups

BUT to do so they also get permission to "Admin > Membergroups > Edit/Add Membergroups"
Which I don't want them to mess with?

is there any way we can have these two actions separated in the permission's as first on is a Moderator task and the second and Admin Task

The only permission option I see that controls both these this is: Carry out administrative duties > Manage and assign membergroups

You can set members as moderators of a particular group, once moderator they should be able to approve members requests for that particular group (if I understood correctly how membergroup moderation works... :P)

To set a member as moderator of a particular membergroup you have to edit the membergroup and introduce the name of the moderator/s in the field "Moderators".

I pointed this out in Wazza's other thread ;)

Running sumulation now...brb

Wazza how many topics have you opened? :P


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