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Angelina Belle:
To help you find answers to your questions faster, the SMF team has put many common problems in the FAQ category of the online manual.

You can find them all at

Here is a selection of FAQs currently available:

[*]Add a smiley set
[*]Administration - I accidentally lost my admin account! What can I do
[*]All about permission profiles
[*]Archives - How do I extract files in an archive
[*]Avatars - How do I add new avatars[/list]

[*]Board Permissions
[*]Board Permissions - Limit posting location for newbies
[*]Buttons - How do I add buttons to SMF 2.0[/list]

[*]CHMOD - What's that all about
[*]Call to undefined function: create button() - Why am I getting this
[*]Context - What is $context
[*]Conversions - How do I convert from my current software to SMF
[*]Copyright Information
[*]Cross references for other software
[*]Custom tabs - How do I add them to the Core (default) theme menu[/list]

[*]Database - What is an SQL Database
[*]Default theme - What is it and why can't I delete it
[*]Directory - The directory where SMF is installed
[*]Disallow and Deny - What's the difference when it comes down to permissions
[*]Donate - How do I donate to SMF[/list]

[*]E-Mails - Why are members not getting emails sent from the forum
[*]Error in mod installation[/list]

[*]FTP - How do I use FTP
[*]Fatal error: Cannot redeclare
[*]File check.php - What is it and what does it do[/list]

[*]Hacking - I think I have been hacked
[*]Have you considered the security of your forum
[*]Help - Is help available in other languages
[*]Help, I keep going back to the list of topics when I make a post
[*]Holidays - How do I add/change/remove holidays
[*]Hosting - How do I move my SMF board to a different host
[*]How can I install a mod that doesn't work in my SMF version
[*]How can I learn html css javascript SQL or php
[*]How do I get rid of a Byte Order Mark
[*]How do I get rid of the weird character in my forum
[*]How do I set the forum width
[*]How to Flush Your DNS
[*]How to change the default forum language
[*]How to change the logo
[*]How to change your forum name to a new one
[*]How to create a new administrator or global moderator
[*]How to put the forum in maintenance mode and back
[*]How to upload a fresh set of files[/list]

[*]Illegal installation - Why does it say I'm running an illegal SMF installation
[*]Images - How do I add images to the board's description
[*]Images - Why am I getting borders around images
[*]Installation - How do I install a theme[/list]

[*]Java backup tool[/list]

[*]Karma - How do I reset karma totals to zero
[*]Keeping your forum secure
[*]Known issues[/list]

[*]Languages - How do I add a new language
[*]Languages - How do I fix this "Installer unable to find language files" error I am getting
[*]Languages - How to add or change phrases used by the forum software
[*]Languages - Is SMF available in other languages
[*]License - What type of license is used for SMF
[*]Locking - How do i lock boards without using "deny"
[*]Logo - How do I remove the simple machines logo[/list]

[*]Manually setting a package installed or uninstalled
[*]Membergroups - How do I change a member's membergroup
[*]Membergroups - How do I create a board for certain membergroups only
[*]Membership totals - Why does Total Members show a different number than the memberlist
[*]Mod security - Having problems with mod security
[*]Moderators - How do I assign members as local moderators
[*]Modifications - A mod broke my forum what should I do
[*]Modifications/Mods - What is a mod
[*]MySQL has gone away / Lost connection to server during query[/list]

[*]On file and directory permission and ownership
[*]One of my members forgot his/her password. How can I retrieve it[/list]

[*]Packages - How to upload packages using FTP
[*]Password - Why do MySQL 4.1.x passwords not work
[*]Permissions - How do I set up post-count based membergroup permissions
[*]Personal messages - Are administrators able to view their members' PMs
[*]Phpinfo() - What's that, then
[*]Problems - How can I get my problems solved faster[/list]

[*]Recent posts - How do I show the most recent posts on the main page of my website
[*]Redistribution - Am I allowed to redistribute a modified copy of the SMF software
[*]Redistribution - Am I allowed to redistribute mods
[*]Registration - How do I edit the registration/welcome email
[*]Repair settings.php[/list]

[*]SMF - What is SMF
[*]SMF - Who made it
[*]Search engines - How do i hide my forum from search engines
[*]Smilies - How do I fix this "ALTER TABLE smf smileys ORDER BY LENGTH" error I am getting
[*]Spam - my forum is flooded with spam, what can I do
[*]Support - What's available
[*]Support questions - How do I ask them in a smart way[/list]

[*]Templates - Is there a list of templates
[*]Themes - I don't like or want the default theme - can't I just change it
[*]Themes - What is a theme[/list]

[*]UTF-8 Readme
[*]Upgrade and Update packages- What's the difference

[*]Visual verification code - It doesn't work. What should I do[/list]

[*]What members are allowed to see and do
[*]What is repair settings.php
[*]What the white screen of death means when accessing admin or package installs
[*]Why do I have partially blank or missing text in posts

[*]XML feeds

Ashley S:
Good job on the FAQ's AngelinaBelle.
This will help the newbies ;)

Angelina Belle:
I hope so.  As time passes, we will be trying to make the FAQs even more organized.
Want to join that discussion? Check out

Is there a pdf or a doc version of the manual?


Angelina Belle:
The manual is currently only available in Wiki format. At this time, we have no way to produce a pdf or doc version of the manual.

The CC-BY-SA 3.0 license on our wiki content means that you are welcome to download all the content, if you want to produce a local copy.


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