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Problem with installing mods.

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Ok i will contact but It only happens when i am installing mod. More over the hosting is my own reseller and  i havent changed any thing. My other smf sites on same server are working fine

The above error appeared when using opera, today i tried installing mod while using chrome and i get a message No Data To Load and an error "Error 314" . So can any one please tell how to solve this?

If i help others, it doesnt mean that i dont need help :-(

Thanks @Kermit for taking time for me. And thanks smf for such unhelpfull community. I dont know why all the helping staff illori , k etc are posting at themes which have been already solved but they havent helped me here. It was a great trouble but thanks God, it got solved

Good to see that your issue is resolved,maybe you can explain how you solved your problem,so in future users can use the same way for resolving same issue


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