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Mambo and SSI in components again

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Hey guys,

I've searched and only found that people claim they have done it but no tutorial or anything I could find. Which leads me to the following question: how do I use the SSI includes in my index.php for the mambo cms? I've just hardcoded a few includes in there but it doesn't show up.

I then saw that the template example page of SMF has the extension shtml, which makes it server side, right?

Somebody help me out, I just want to have the last 10 threads on my frontpage (frontpage Mambo, forum of course SMF).

Thanks (the page is

You have to put the include in your Mambo template, before the "</head>" tag.


--- Quote from: Orstio on October 03, 2004, 06:37:16 AM ---You have to put the include in your Mambo template, before the "</head>" tag.

--- End quote ---

Well, then I have the problem that I don't have the location defined, right? I mean, it's like Javascript: defined in the <head> I still have to call it somewhere.

How do I tell the template where to display the top 10 topics?


Well, it depends, I'm not clear on how Mambo's templates work.

But, if you call the ssi_recentTopics() function, it will display those - if you have SSI.php included.


Okay, I implement the include in the header and just call it? I will try and let you guys know.

@Unknown: Mambo's templates are very basic, pure html with includes for the components.


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