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Locksmith Trader:
I posted a ticket today with the above heading to get some help with my forum being unavailable for members and me. I did receive this reply from 'Alexi' which was forwarded to me by email

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From: Simple Machines Community Forum []
Sent: Saturday, 24 March 2012 10:22 PM
Subject: Helpdesk [03680] New reply from [Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen] -RE- [Problem today with SMF]

Your ticket, "[03680] Problem today with SMF", has been replied to, by Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen.

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Your forum seems to be working perfectly for me, but if this is happening while logging in, I can't test that of course. Do you have hostname lookups enabled? If you do, you might try disabling them for first aid.

If you have access to your server error logs, you might also want to see if there is something there that might be related.
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You can read the reply here:;sa=ticket;

The Simple Machines Community Forum Team.

I subsequently replied to this using the link hoping for some further assistance and was waiting for some further action. None was forthcoming because the post seems to have been removed.

I do not ask for assistance very often and I am disappointed that my request was discarded in my hour of need.

My problem has been resolved by a very hard working tech guy who finally discovered that there is a glitch in your RED Theme as installed on my forum
Whether or not this was an error or a vulnerability in that theme that has been exploited by others I cannot say but I am reporting this matter to firstly, question as to why my post was removed, secondly, why I can't seem to get to the Charter Members Helpdesk from the menu and finally to alert you to the nature of the problem that I have experienced.

Eric Higgs

I suspect that if the post was removed it was either a mistake, or a glitch in the help desk app. I wouldn't think anyone had removed it deliberately as that would be most unusual. I don't have access to the help desk myself so can't check it, but I'm sure one of the staff will as soon as they can.

Can you access the help desk from this link?

Anyway, the theme itself isn't the direct responsibility of SMF. Themes are checked when they are submitted, but it's simply not feasible for the team to re-check every theme whenever the author updates it (or if the author fails to update it). The only one the team can take direct responsibility for is the default theme that comes with the software. If you have a problem with another theme, it's best to talk to the author in the theme's support thread. :)

Locksmith Trader:
Antechinus  (Cute little creature that lives in my shed ;D)

Thanks for your reply- I do realise that SMF is not directly responsible for the themes but I thought it would be useful to tell you about it. At the time of my problem there was no indication that the theme or the possible attack through the theme was the root of my problem. Indeed being unable to log on at all leaves me limited ability to do much of anything.

My concerns were
"Wow" :o a theme did this!!!!!- how is this possible?

I couldn't access the help desk for Charter members so listed it under the only help area I could find

That you be informed of the problem so be able to help others even if you could not help me.

My probelm is sorted and settled- Thanks for your reply and let the right people know of the problems I encountered with SMF

Have a great day and thanks for taking time to reply
Locksmith Trader

Hi  Locksmith,

I can see your ticked in the help desk fine, waiting for reply from a team member.

If you can't access the helpdesk, it could be a permission problem, can you access the charter boards?


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