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Activity Bar Bug ?



I installed a modification on my forum called "Activity Bar" and It looks great but I noticed something unusual about it.
When I installed it, I seen 2 activity bars on the post area but not on the profile. Here is a screenshot of the bug:

I've downloaded a fresh package and uploading it through the package manager in the Admin panel and still no luck.
Can anyone tell me what I can do to solve this problem ?



Hi there, welcome to SMF!

You should contact the author of the mod in the support topic of the mod. He/she knows more about the mod then we do :)

Hello Fr3ak,

most likely this problem is due to the fact that you put the code of the mod twice in the template.
Check you display.template.php and remove the part that is duplicate. ;)

Ahh I see.

I checked the display.template.php file and I found the duplicate code so I removed it and re-uploaded the file
and refreshed and it is now fixed.

You can mark this topic as solved :)

Thanks for the support.


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