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my board edit in admin page stops loading.

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I cannot edit nor create board in my forum admin.
Here are the actions I took that didn't make any effect:
- disabled the cache option
- disabled rewrites for boards
- set admin action in the skip actions option
- run maintenance task
can anyone know what i can do

Hello omooba,

1st: what exactly doesn't work?
In other words are you getting an error? (If so what's is exactly?)
Or you can't access the page? (do you get any error?)
2nd: what version of SMF are you using?
3rd: are you using the default theme?
If no try with the default first and see if it works.
4th: are you using English or another language?
If another language, please try with English and see if it works.
5th: do you have mods installed?
If so can you list them all?

1st: am not getting any error but i can't access the page, just blank
2nd:  version of SMF am using is SMF 2.0.2
3rd: Yes am using the default theme
4th: and am using English
5th: it started after i installed pretty Url mods
i also installed the following mods:
Pretty URLs
Menu Buttons
BK-SMF Sub-Board
Simple Image Upload
Board Notes
Topic Summary
Delete Spam Posts
Share This Topic
Anti Bot: Are You Human/Bot?
Add Facebook Like to Posts
Ad Managment
Redirect Banned Users
Remove XHTML, RSS & WAP2 Links in Footer
Remove Index From Title
Topic Title In The Center Under Linktree
Add GooglePlus to Posts
Add Twitter Tweet Button to Posts
Global Headers Footers
Share this topic - SMF Mod
Thanks for your support

Did you try to disable the mod? (I think there is an option to enable/disable it in the configuration page)

it works when i disable pretty url mod. a friend then said  may be because the forum is large . am just concern that enable and disable the mod every time i need to edit mod, insert moderators may affect the mod in the long run, what do u think


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