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im not sure how, but my old vps is running at half the ram that the new one is but it also has a full email server running in the background as well as lamp. my new one is running at easily twice the ram and it only has lamp running. any ideas where i screwed up?

* Yoshi2889 doesn't understand a word of this...
Can you explain in a bit more...detail?

well hard to explain, my old server while running lamp and a fully working email server runs at less than 100 megs of ram. the new one with just lamp runs at around 150-170+ megs of ram.

im looking at the conf files looking to see if anything is different and they are pretty much the same.

another prob i am having is mysql wont start on boot even with all the appropriate boot settings on. this perplexes me as well.

really weird. lol

I don't think anyone here can answer this without having access to your machine. There are too many things it could be.

What version of the OS were both machines running?


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