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babalola olasehinde:
pls i installed this mod on my site via smf 2.0 and i tick the box to activate the box but i did not select any id so as to see if all members will be unable to view the topic but to my surprise they are still able to see it. What do i do?

Useful, another addition from you to me. thanks

Michael Pfaff:
Hiya. I'm looking for a mod similar to this one. See my mod request here:

I'm willing to donate to this mods creator if you add the ability to invite only specific members to the topic.


Just wondering, is there an option to only allow certain groups to use this button yet?
I want to use this mod but prefer only certain members have access to it.

I'm a little confused, maybe even stupid (LOL), but WHO is this private FROM and WHO can actually read it? I'm not seeing permission settings?

OK, went back through EVERYTHING, and finally realized after seeing the screenshots, that this mod is for public forums that allow guest, and that this mod will make a topic private in the sense that no GUEST can see it, but ANY registered user can see it. I agree with a previous poster, this should really be GROUPS based, yes?  ???


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