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UBB.Classic Converter (Prototype now available)

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Mike Bobbitt:
Thanks Grudge, I just finished doing that exact thing. The script now has a "preprocess" mode where it renumbers all messages and topics starting from 1. It takes a while to run (because it's not very efficient) but once it's done, you can just convert the data straight in.

And the best part: it works. :)


Would this converter work with a UBB 6.2.1?

Mike Bobbitt:
Does 6.2.1 have the importer/exporter? The conversion script relies heavily on having exported UBB info. Not sure which UBB release that was added in...

I have no idea, it's not my forum, but they said their UBB version is 4 years old. (Of course it gets hacked and has internal server errors all the time...)

Mike Bobbitt:
Hmmm. I'm pretty sure it was added more recently than 4 years ago, so there may not be much I can do to help here... Sorry...


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