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since the php scripting help section is closed in, im reposting here:

I have a newsletter script running in my website, sending 1500 emails every week, it's currently using php mail() function, but it's very slow. I've tried both sendmail and SMTP, and both has the same speed. I also tried making the script sends 25 emails at a time, rests for 4 secs, then send another 25 until 1500 mails are sent, and it's still slow.
I read somewhere that hints a CGI Mailer is faster than a php script. Is this true? Or is my webhost mail server just slow?
What are the advantages using a CGI mail script instead of PHP? or vise versa

How many seconds/minutes does it take for this forum to send out annoucements?

Zef Hemel:
Perl scripts usually pipe it's stuff right into sendmail, what PHP does depends on the setting in php.ini, I think you can switch there between using sendmail directly and contacting a SMTP server. Using perl probably won't speed it up, your hosts probably just has a slow mail server.

i guess it is the mail server, i'll try changing SMTP server
the hosting is using verio. i don't like them, but my client insist in using them. they're even running php through CGI, not mod_php

thx for the answer Zef

Sending out 1500 emails in bulk... I would imagine it would be slow either way to some degree.  I like your idea of sending them in batches and then giving it some breathing time.  But either way, I would imagine that the mail server would experience some sort of lag while you send out that many emails :).  Just my opinion, not basing this off any facts.

currently its takes about 5-25 seconds to send 25 emails
takes about 15 minutes to send everything, i say that's pretty long


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