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My first post, and I hope to start off with a bang :D

Half inspired by an unrelated project I was working on, and half inspired by Joseph Fung's Comic theme, the Chat Bubbles theme was born.

Many of the images were replaced (I've made custom buttons, post icons, etc for this theme). These images may NOT be used outside of this theme without my permission and/or depositing $800 kajillion billion septillion US Dollars into my Paypal account. (In the event of the latter, be sure to include your mailing address so that I can send you a free T-Shirt)

Some things to note:

[EDIT]: The list feature is broken >:( !
- Some options/features are not used on my site (such as karma, etc), so may not be tested with this theme. If it breaks the theme, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it.
- The buttons have a shadow effect, and as a result, use a matte color of #999966. This makes changing the .titlebg or .catbg background colors rather cumbersome, so I suggest you keep the ugly brown color :P
- User signatures are NOT shown to preserve the look of the chat.
- Thanks goes to for the member stars images.
- Thanks goes to SMF team for any images not replaced.
- Refer to this post on how to install the theme.

suggestions for using this theme:
- use inline links for the navigation menu
- set a limit on avatar size

If there any questions/comments/concerns, please drop me a line at Now onto the screenshots!

Display.php output (what a post looks like)

Buttons used for the theme

Custom post icons too! :o

Get file here!

Tremendous work! really, really nice job. I'll definitely be installing that one!

 great stuff here 8)

Wow. Good work, excellent use of the template system :D

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

fantastic theme! i'm going to offer it for use for my own members.


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