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--- Quote from: redone on January 14, 2005, 11:29:10 AM --- 4. Run sql-queries with: arcade_sql.php or manually from mysql.txt in Documents folder?

--- End quote ---

What He means is that, you will have to run acrcade_sql.php and so to run that you will have to link it (

And for the mysql file You can run that via phpmyadmin What is phpMyAdmin?

And run it in the same table/database your forum is on.

Thanks for the reply. Talking with the host to get it compiled like you told me went with no problems. I have had to re-install my forum after I ran the update to 1.01.

Thanks to everyone for there help and I look forward to getting the arcade up on my forum as soon as I have fixed a few issues.

Your help is really appreciated.



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