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UPDATE [Sep 18 2011]
live627 has agreed to create this mod for $150.  If you'd like to see this mod created, please post here.

Current Donation Total:  $25
zapiy - $25

I found a similar request from 2009.  Since then, a mod may have already been created, or perhaps an alternate solution may be common knowledge.  If so, I apologize in advance and thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  ;)  If it doesn't exist, I'd be happy to gather some donations for development.  I'm sure many of my fellow SMF users would chip in.

2.0 Gold

I use SMF to run a community of adult online gamers, mostly Xbox 360.  We schedule regular playdates and decide which games to play through typical forum discussions.  What I would like to do is integrate everyone's personal videogame collection into a searchable catalog/table/database that could be used by members to find someone that owns a particular game.  Similar features are used by and Steam, but I'd like my community to have our own private collection database.  This same mod could be used for any community that benefits by providing users with collection information (movies, books, music, troll dolls, etc.).

All registered members by default.  It would be nice to customize permissions as with most features, as I prefer to restrict new registrants from accessing most of the forum until they post an introduction (1 post count).  Editing, adding, removing information in the collection would be limited to Admins.  Users can only add/remove selections to their collection from an Admin-controlled drop-down menu or radio button (or other?).  The ability for users to "request" something be added to the database would be nice, but not absolutely necessary.

Feature Set:
I would like members to have the ability to search by game title and/or platform.  For other non-gaming communities, it would be good to have the ability to customize these criteria for relevance (movie title, music cd/vinyl, etc.).  The option to also add images (cover art) for each entry would be nice, but not absolutely necessary.






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