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"Not returning to the Post"

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lol...   we disagree on that K@. :P   most natural to me is to go to the index after submitting a post. As I said, I don't see the point of going back to the post.

Anyway...  I think we have all expressed our opinions... we need input from a significant number of OTHER users.

You can't be considered as "Natural", though. ;)

you want an opinion of someone else that good enough?

Would be nice to go to the post instead of the message index.

I managed to get a mixed result (I'm not really sure how I obtained it): if I use the quick reply it returns to the message index, while if I use the post page it returns to the topic.

Funny thing is I don't like any of the two behaviours... :P
Sometime I prefer to come back to the topic, sometime I prefer go to the message index. So probably it doesn't matter.


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