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Statement regarding SOPA

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One way or another, the government will squeeze one of these bills through. All we are doing is delaying the inevitable, unless we go after the root of the problem which is the entertainment industry. Until they realize that the times, they are a changin', they will continue to spend millions of dollars to censor the world in their favor.

You can go after the government officials as well, and it still wouldn't solve the problem. Our representatives are pawns. They don't represent our interests unless we have deep pockets and fat wallets. Even then, unless you own a multi-billion dollar corporation, the chance of them listening to you is slim to nil.

Until the people of the internet are willing to band together OUTSIDE of the internet, things will only change for the worse. These laws will be passed, and the internet will no longer exist in its originally intended form. Welcome to the age of corporate greed and government censorship.

We have our own SOPA here in Ireland. At least the American lawmakers listen to the people. Here we have had a sham of democratic debate and then a minister signs it into law anyway. Apart from a few newspapers, the main media here are a bit silent on the issue. TV and radio are mostly state owned and seem to toe the line. George Orwell is surely TIHG.


--- Quote from: liamtoo on February 04, 2012, 10:45:24 AM ---At least the American lawmakers listen to the people, When you have the money/influence to throw around
--- End quote ---

I fixed that sentence for you.

Jacob F:
I totally agree with SleePy's statement!

Doesn't look good for Ireland :( 80,000 people signed an online petition but seems it might pass.


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